New Kespro ID Replaces Old Credentials

New Kespro ID replaces all old credentials to Kespro's online store during 2021. Kespro ID enhances the security of our online services and enables seamless login to our services in future.

We will introduce a new Kespro ID for all our customers using Kespro's online store during 2021. As a result, each customer must change their current Kespronet ID to a new type of Kespro ID. The users will be able to update their current ID on the login page of the online store as of September 28th 2021.

  • The users with a personal user ID for the online store can easily change the ID from Kespronet's login page.     

  • If you need several credentials, please contact Kespro's customer service: or 010 5329 678. To open new IDs, kindly provide us your customer number(s) and the names and e-mail addresses of the new users.

The change is due to the development of Kespro's digital services. The aim is to improve the information security of our online service and enable seamless login to our services in the future as well.

The old Kespronet IDs will be phased out by the end of 2021.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Kespro customer service
Telephone* 010 5329 678
We serve from Monday to Friday from 07:30 to 18:00 and on Saturdays from 08:30 to 15:30

*Calls to Kesko Group's numbers starting with 01053 from mobile phones and landlines cost 8.35 cents/call + 12.09 cents/minute. The prices include value-added tax.