Information for suppliers

Kespro is Finland’s leading wholesaler in the foodservice sector. Our task as a wholesaler is to purchase products on behalf of our customers. The diverse needs of our large customer base call for an extensive selection and partner network.

Our customers value delivery reliability, competitive prices and the consistent high quality of fresh foods. On the basis of customer needs, Kespro aims to streamline and improve cooperation between suppliers and its wholesale operations, in order to benefit joint customers.

Menu is Kespro’s private label for foodservice professionals. The quality products in the Menu range provide inexpensive ingredients for every professional kitchen. Kespro also offers more than 1,200 imported products. Examples include foods, home and speciality goods, and alcohol and wines from over 30 countries.

Delivery solutions for various material flows

We offer a range of logistic options to serve the various material flows of our suppliers. Kespro’s central warehouse is located in Hakkila, Vantaa. The warehouse provides optimal storage conditions for several temperature categories.

Our freezer storage facility is situated in Viinikankaari, Vantaa. Through terminals, we can ensure efficient delivery services for regional suppliers as well. Our delivery solutions are customised to meet the needs of customers in the foodservice sector. In general, we deliver all goods at one go in vehicles that have multiple temperature zones.

Contact Kespro’s purchasing staff

Kespro’s purchasing professionals assist suppliers in developing their business in the foodservice market. Our purchasing operations are in compliance with Kesko's ethical purchasing principles.

--- Telephone
Director Mika Halmesmäki +358 1053 24146
Purchasing and Sales Director Tuula Leino +358 1053 24383
Purchasing and Sales Director Nora Hortling +358 1053 24309

Fruits and vegetables

Purchasing and Sales Manager Erno Talvitie 01053 24073
Category Manager Niklas Lindgren +358 1053 24043
Product Manager Terhi Aunila +358 1053 24054
Product Manager Katariina Hämäläinen +358 1053 24077
Product Manager Evelina Laaksonen +358 01053 24097
Product Manager Antti Mäkinen +358 1053 24078
Product Manager Ari Venäläinen +358 1053 24023

Fish, meat and processed meat, convenience food

Purchasing and Sales Manager Laura Kivi +358 1053 24066
Category Manager Sini Vertainen +358 1053 20732
Product Manager Tom Fredriksson +358 1053 242082
Product Manager Valtteri Kaukovalta +358 1053 24160

Processed foods

Purchasing and Sales Manager Timo Kantola +358 1053 24140
Product Manager Janne Lipponen +3581053 20565
Product Manager Olli Starck +358 1053 24170
Product Manager Antti Heikinheimo 01053 20869

Alcohol- and brewery products

Purchasing and Sales Manager Ruut Laakso +358 1053 20730
Product Manager Jaakko Nurmi +358 01053 20994
Product Manager Vesa Kaukjärvi +358 1053 24075
Product Manager Anni Rantala +358 1053 24179

Tableware and Kitchen Utensils

Purchasing and Sales Manager Niina Lindman +358 01053 22194
Product Manager Henna Lehmus +358 1053 24019


Purchasing and Sales Manager Marko Rönnblad +358 1053 22310
Product Manager Liisa Puhakka +358 1053 24224
Product Manager Hanna Korhonen +358 1053 24096

Local producers, dairy, eggs, bread, frozen food, ice-cream

Purchasing and Sales Manager Jussi Vainio +358 1053 24072
Product Manager Miikka Jyrkönen +358 1053 20525
Product Manager Etta Tuokkola +358 1053 20515
Product Manager Eveliina Pöllänen +358 1053 24051

Product information

Development Manager Sanna Saajanlehto +358 1053 24013
Product information specialist Virva Haapala +358 1053 24047
Product information specialist Tanja Erkkilä +358 1053 24101
Product information specialist Hannele Lilja +358 1053 24222
Product information specialist Anna Nieminen +358 1053 20729

International purchasing cooperation

--- ---
Strategic Sourcing Manager Sari Holi +358 1053 24145

Calls made from mobile phones and landlines to numbers that begin with 1053 cost 8.21 cents/call + 11.90 cents/minute. The charges include VAT at 24%.

Kespro’s email addresses are in the format of