Finland for foodies: Sky Kitchen & View, Rovaniemi

Finland holds culinary secrets waiting to be discovered by food enthusiasts. Join us to explore Finland's culinary treasures. In this article series, Finland for foodies, we cover a few bites of the wild delights. Next up Sky Kitchen & View in Rovaniemi!



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It all started with herring just over 10 years ago. Tero Mäntykangas, the Head Chef of Sky Kitchen & View, didn’t want to serve the traditional mustard herring offered at every hotel breakfast. Instead, he wanted to try something completely new. They introduced Loca whitefish flavored with juniper berries, cellar-stored salmon, and cold-smoked pike. These fish delicacies became hits, available not only at Sky Kitchen & View but also at the 19 breakfast tables across other Lapland Hotels.

“We also experimented by omitting the regular fresh cucumber and offering pickled cucumber instead. No customer has inquired about the ordinary cucumber. One must dare to do things in their own way”, notes Mäntykangas.

The uniqueness of the breakfast is also reflected in the spruce sprout smoothie and oven-baked oat porridge, a recipe in high demand.

“We want to offer our customers not only delicious northern ingredients but also a sense of immediacy and relaxation, with a touch of mystique. Breakfast should be an overall experience.”

A significant part of the wow factor at Sky Kitchen & View comes from the large panoramic windows with changing seasonal views over Ounasvaara. In spring, the snow-covered trees are transitioning into a sun-drenched spring landscape. Soon, the delicate greenery of spruce shoots and birches will start pouring into the restaurant.

Sky Kitchen & View’s breakfast received an honorable mention from Hungry for Finland – Food Tourism competition – and since then thousands of customers from outside the hotel have breakfast here every year.

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Meet the chef Tero Mäntykangas

The Finnish ingredient which gets your creativity flowing?

In reindeer, what’s interesting is how you can turn a valuable luxury product into a suitable breakfast item. We have solved it by offering customers blood sausage made from reindeer blood and reindeer liver spread.

A song which sets your kitchen on fire

Talonpoika Lalli by Hilux. The artist creates excellent Lapland-themed rap, providing the right vibes for the kitchen.

When @ Sky Kitchen, taste

The famous porridge and a made-to-order omelet, with choices like smoked reindeer, Arctic char, or a mushroom-filled version with cheese and pickled red onions.

When @ Rovaniemi, do

Head to WNTR by Kesärafla Sauna, located on the banks of the Kemijoki River. After the warmth of the wood-burning sauna, you can take a dip in the ice hole. A fantastic part of Finnish sauna culture!

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