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Sustainability trends tend to spread to Finland from international forums. Read our picks of the trends to be considered.




Future saviours

Thinking about the future health of the planet wasn’t top of mind for many, as the world battled a pandemic crisis... Which is why sustainability is even more pressing this year. That said, environmentally minded food tech advances often go hand in hand with looking after the body – e.g. eating less meat, sourcing fresh produce, or enjoying the nutritious plant life of the sea.

And ali of the novel production practices being driven forward target the dual goal of saving the planet and ensuring food security for its people. Public awareness is at an ali time high thanks to documentaries like Seaspiracy and government backing for many initiatives.

While plant-based burgers are well and truly mainstream, consumers are beginning to accept the idea of lab grown meat, hydroponic farms, and even microalgae – but the jury is still out on how sustainable some of these solutions are at present.


Sustainability is increasingly becoming the norm within high-end fashion as well as exclusive design. Stella McCartney’s bag is made of Mylo – a leather alternative made using parts of fungus.

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From the bees

These clever little buzzy creatures are so important to help our eco systems and many establishments are creating hives on their land to encourage bees. As well as honey, pollen is also added into cocktails or to sprinkle on top adding flavour and texture, ali with some health-giving properties.

Bee’s wax can also be melted into cocktails, to add a smooth texture to the drink. The sustainability connotations around bees mean that we are likely to see a lot more of bee pollen, hot honey and beeswax.

London, The Pig’s Head

The people behind Smokehouse, The Pig & Butcher and The Princess of Shoreditch have opened The Pig’s Head in London’s Clapham. This time they are taking a different approach, led by sustainability.

London, Off the Hook

Sustainability is high on the agenda which means ali the fish is fully traceable right back to the fisherman who caught it, how it was caught and when it arrived in London. Diners might choose the wild seabass sashimi with wasabi, pickles, soy & shiso or halibut with wild chanterelles, crown prince squash & cider stock. Meanwhile, the fish & chip shop offers battered hake & chips, crab on chips and crab mac & cheese.

London, Adesse

The award-winning and pioneering vegan chef Matthew Kenny has arrived in London opening Adesse at Selfridges as part of its sustainability commitment, Project Earth. The theme, ”to be present” is taken from the restaurant’s name and is woven through its seasonally sourced menus.

Kenny’s signature Kelp Noodle Cacio e Pepe features with snap peas, pea shoots and dehydrated black olives alongside a plethora of mouthwatering options that includes Kimchi Dumplings with Foamed Ginger and Beetroot Carpaccio with Yuzu Kosho.

Max La Manna, Zero Waste Recipe Creator & Author (UK)

The NYC born chef, but based in the UK, is a sustainability advocate, environmentalist, and author. He brings awareness and educates people about food waste and plastic pollution through books, YouTube, online classes, and TV. His BBC Earth series called Regeneration: Food with Max La Manna focuses on 5 different areas and foods and offers ideas on how to tackle this global issue one recipe at a time.


Sustainability is entwined with luxury ingredients as many diners look to make the world a better place. Carbon neutral messaging, and extended plant-based choice is key.

Source: The Food People

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