The world’s best country for meat?

Various parts of the globe have different conditions for rearing and growing for reasons purely of nature.






It all depends. Various parts of the globe have different conditions for rearing and growing for reasons purely of nature. Sweden and Finland have strict requirements and good regulations in relation to sustainability and animal welfare. With a foundation in those same welfare standards, it is also possible – with the right knowledge on all aspects of meat production – to find meat from other countries where the natural conditions are even better and where fantastic producers are based. Therefore, Norvida sells meat from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Uruguay, Ireland and several other countries.

Norvida has almost 35 years of experience of selecting the best products from the best producers, all over the Globe. Meat is what we know, and it is what we love. That’s why we’re putting all our time and energy into helping as many people as we can, not to buy as much meat as possible, but to buy meat which satisfies the needs of today and tomorrow for taste, fairness, sustainability and profitability. Fifty-two weeks per year, this year, and every year.

Identifying whether meat from a certain producer meets sensible sustainability requirements can be complicated without an acute understanding of everything that affects the wellbeing of the animals, of nature and of the climate. You can rest assured that we have that acute understanding. For us, it is just as important that we can answer all your questions as it is for you to be able to help your own customers with tips, advice and answers around sustainability.

Our range of High-Quality Beef

Our premium beef category consists of brands and meat which carry the clear flavor of selected breeds, types of feed and specific places. These include both grass and grain-fed beef from our partners in Australia and Ireland. Premium demands comprise a range of varied factors which all parties collaborate around to ensure high quality – the animal’s age, classification, and size are among the factors.


Gold-winning "grain fed" beef from Australia

This high-quality beef comes from the Riverina Valley in New South Wales, Australia. The Murrumbidgee River that winds its way here makes the whole valley so fertile that it has been nicknamed "Australia's food bowl", with lots of grazing cattle and fine vineyards. For Aberdeen Black, we select meat from steers and heifers of the Hereford and Angus breeds. They roam free and graze grass for 18–24 months, then are reared on more energy-rich feed, mainly barley, for 120 days. After slaughter, only the best meat is selected for Aberdeen Black. The selection is then deboned in a facility that otherwise mostly produces for the discerning Japanese market. The end result is well-marbled meat – very tender, juicy and with a rich meaty flavor. Aberdeen Black has been awarded a gold medal in the "Great Taste Awards" in London for several years.


Delicious grass-fed beef from Ireland's top farms

There is nothing more difficult than producing grass-fed meat of high and consistent quality. In Ireland - where our premium Irish meat Stockman's is produced - the characteristics of nature and the knowledge of the farmers are completely unbeatable. The slaughterhouses we collaborate with have been designated gold members of the Origin Green sustainability program, which aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and increase biodiversity. The steers and heifers graze freely on the farms' lands until they are no more than 36 months old. Then the best animals are carefully selected. The next step in the selection is made at slaughter, when our butchers sort out the absolute best carcasses, who are then deboned, finely trimmed and packaged. The result is fantastic meat with a typical dark red color, slightly toned fat and an unusually clear, deep and nuanced "taste of grass".

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